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Darren Gilbert was born in Ilion, NY but grew up in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.  An avid reader, he particularly enjoys military history, epic sagas, spy novels and historical fiction. In addition to serving in the U.S. Army from 1979 to 1983, Darren has over 33 years of martial arts training including managing his own martial arts school for 12 years.  He has earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Tennessee and Western Governors University respectively. He is also a graduate of Executive Security International’s Executive Protection Program and is a Certified Protection Specialist.  His new novel, Serpents Underfoot, is scheduled for release in Fall 2017.  He currently lives in Cary, NC with his German Shepherd, Sophie.


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  1. Concerning your “About me” paragraph. This is about your positions. Nothing about you. Are you young, elderly? Are you well-educated? Do you travel or have you traveled extensively? What is your work experience. Where do you live? Why should I value your opinion?
    The paragraph you wrote could be about 20% of the US population.

  2. Hmmmmm. Thank you. Very good comment and question! I will address those issues and see what I can do to improve my “About Me” paragraph and actually give some better information about me.

  3. Great blog.
    We’re in for a long fight but I’ll never back down.
    If liberals do succeed at destroying America it will be over my dead body.
    That is what comforts me. Knowing I’ll never live to see my country destroyed by liberalism. I’ll die first.

  4. I served at Wiesbaden in B 2/22 from 12-1-03 till 5-04 then was re-deployed to Kirchgoens. I also did a tour in Korea with the 1-38th C company. From there I went stateside to the 197th.
    I was honerably discharched with a Good Conduct,Army Achievment and Army Commendation medal. In 2002 I recieved my Korea Defense Service Medal.
    I’m a life NRA member and a father of three.

    Thanks for your service

  5. William,

    Nice to read a comment from a fellow ex-soldier who served at Weisbaden Airbase and a NRA member.

    Was the 1/38th stationed at Camp Casey?

    I hope you will visit my blog occasionally and let me know what you think about the posts.

    Thank for your service as well!


  6. Darren,

    Good to hear back from you. The 1-38th was at Camp Hovey right outside of To-Ko-Ri. If you served in the 1st of the 17th then you possibly served with Lt. Rob Krott who went on to be an editor in Soldier of Fortune Magazine.
    I actually met him there once in a bar in TDC. But at the time I diddn’t know who he was. He seemed like another soldier blowing off steam with a few beers.
    Looking forward to visiting your site.


  7. Bill,

    Looks like Darren pre-dated us in the ROK by about 2 years. I was at Casey Oct 85- Oct 86… man more than 20 years ago… it flew by. I don’t remember meeting you specifically… were you hanging with Paul Fordiani? He was one of my buds in 1/38… Paulie was at St. Bona’s with me.
    Currently in Iraq, off and on since 03.

  8. Hi Rob,

    I used to occasionally hike over the ridge to To-Ko-Ri from Camp Casey for a change of pace. Small world!

    Hello Bill,

    It sure doesn’t seem like twenty + years. Nice to have some fellow ROK vets visiting on here. I would like to also express my personal appreciation for what you guys are doing in Iraq. Despite the opinions of some of the left-wing liberals in this country, it needed to be done and it seems to be coming together.


  9. Your funny, I’m 16 After september 11th I had it rough in school being an african american muslim, i was either a sell out or a terrorist bomber. People like you make religious freedom impossible. The Christians and Jews that age war against countries they can easily demolish. I don’t hate anyone because I myself don’t like to be categorized as anything but one of god’s creation because I am only who I am. I thank you for making people even more prejudice, think about the pepole who lives you affect by spreading false bull shit and categorizing people for there personal beliefs. I am a Jihadist, I’m only at war with sins.

  10. I am all about freedom of religion and worshiping, or not, as you please. I am perfectly happy to peacefully coexist with anyone. However, I am not perfectly happy to be forcefully converted to Islam, blown up, beheaded or otherwise murdered by radical members of a group such as Al Qaeda. The facts are that certain fundamentalist Islamic jihadists are blowing up innocent Christian, Jewish, and yes, even Muslim, people.

    I know that not all Muslims are terrorists, but currently all the terrorists trying to kill Americans (and/or other Westerners) are Muslims. If you are truly 16-years-old and a young Muslim, I am sorry you have had it rough. Unfortunately, such times are often hard and unfair to innocent people … such as the Germans, Italians, and Japanese Americans during WWII.

    However, I suspect you may not be that at all, and I don’t think it is even a little bit funny!

  11. From one Darren Gilbert (in Canada) to another (you–in the USA), congratulations on a good conservative website.

    I am glad that my name is shared with a fellow fan of freedom.

    Darren Gilbert

    P.S., You should post your pic on the site.

  12. HOOAH! US Army veteran as well. Served six years as an 88M and 13B. First at Ft Sill, 3BN 18th FA, which is now deactivated after returning from Iraq in 2006. Spent some time in Panama with a Trans unit and also had a “baby-sitting” job in Ft. Leavenworth playing liason to a bunch of Generals and Ambassadors. Thanks Darren.

  13. Darren,

    Sorry for the break in commo. First off. Thank you and WELCOME HOME!!! Happy Veteran’s Day.

    I am glad to see sites like your’s. It gives me hope for our entire nation. I am quite computer “challenged”. But when I can I look in on a few sites and your’s is one I look for.

    As for the 16 yr. old Muslim. I feel for him…I really do. But either he’s an ally or he’s not. If he hates sin so much maybe he can persuade the local Imans to not support groups who decapitate people on You Tube.
    Enough said.

    I read Mr. Krotts comments as well. I did know Lt. Fiordioni from the battalion. But I was a Spec 4 and as such diddn’t hang out with the officers. But Lt. Dave Pound was my Plt. Leader and my squad leader was a sharp E-6 named Dave Parritt. He was SF and served in some “interesting” places.

    I was in a bar in TDC and was talking “trash” with another guy . We made a joke about the 1/17th because they were “mech” and we were “legs”. I was just goofing around. Anyhow this guy…Rob Krott…turns around and cracks a joke about the 1/38th. I’m not sure what happened next but my pal told me to ease off because the guy was an officer. Nothing bad happened everyone was laughing and we left.
    Years later I saw Robs picture from GP Collier with an M-21 and a canteen cup. Damn if it wasn’t the same guy!!!!

    All this time I met someone REALLY famous and diddn’t know it. Ha ha ha ha!!!!! I’d love to get him to autograph his book for me!!!

    Also, Mike Durrant, the pilot captured in 1993 by the Somalis was a pilot in 2nd Div at the same time. I remember the guy who got hurt in TDC around Christmas with a falling brick to the head or something. Chief Durrant was the medivac pilot. Small world.

    Okay…I’ve blabbed enough. Love to here from you. Tell Mr. Krott I’m going to buy his book!!!!!!


  14. Bill,

    I actually remember that! LOL. Everyone who hung with me at Mom’s Place thought I was an E-6…

    Thanks for buying my book!

  15. Damn right my friend! Love your opinions! We need more weapons, troops and bombs to give our enemies hell. Let´s rain bombs on their heads, until they lay down their arms, accept that we invade their countries to control their oil and start loving us! Won´t be long now!

  16. Hmmmm … bomb them into loving us! Yeah! I am sure that will work out swell. So I guess we twice invaded Europe, then Korea and Vietnam for oil? We freed Kuwait to steal their oil as well I assume? What was our excuse for the Balkans … more oil? 3000 dead Americans had absolutely nothing to do with the current “War on Terror” … it is all about the oil! We should invade Canada, Mexico and Venezuala next … they have oil too!

  17. Greetings, fellow Patriot Warrior! Sometimes it amazes me how God directs me to others with similar views. I came across your site as a result of researching RFID technologies and their applications (most notably, as the Mark of the Beast). This subject was brought to light by my good friend and comrade in arms, who is currently serving his last tour with the US Army in Afghanistan…he is also a Patriot Warrior. I’m also a martial artist. I study a few systems of Japanese swordsmanship: Nakamura Ryu, Shin Shin Sekiguchi Ryu, and Mizuhi Kobakai Battodo. Just wanted to extend the hand of friendship and let you know that I agree with your sentiment towards our failing “goverment”. God bless ya, bro! 🙂

    1. Hello. Thank you for the kind comments. It is always great to hear from others with similar views. I hope your good friend makes it safely back from Afghanistan. God Bless those who serve in our military. I have never studied Japanese swordsmanship but do find it fascinating. Hopefully, conservative Americans can turn this great country around. Patriot warriors must stay the course together.

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