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Manchester Arena Attack

US-UK-blendOur thoughts and prayers go out to our friends and allies across the pond in the U.K. America needs to stand with Great Britain and all nations that are faced with the common enemy … radical Islamic terrorism.

This cowardly attack just goes to show again how vigilant we must remain in our fight against radical Islamic terrorism.  While all Muslims are certainly not terrorists, the terrorists who are currently bombing, running down, and otherwise killing Christians, Jews, and yes, other Muslims, around the globe are … radical Islamic terrorists. Whether they call themselves ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas, or Boco Haram, they are the same … an evil plague on the world.  Often, they are financed and supported by Iran.  One cannot help but wonder if part of the $147 billion in cash given to Iran by the Obama administration purchased the nuts, bolts and nails used in this latest suicide bombers vest.

Targeting children is something the civilized world abhors.  But, for the radical Islamic terrorist it is just another tool of his trade.  It is proof of just how evil these animals are. It is also yet another example of why the U.S. cannot afford to have “open borders,” especially with countries consumed by this hateful radical ideology … and why the policies of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others of the progressive left are a real danger to our nation.