America Blown to Bits and Pieces by Our Feckless Leader

What are root causes of these shootings … young people desensitized to extreme violence by graphically violent Hollywood movies and video games, the declining moral fiber of our nation, ignored mental illness, and ILLEGALLY acquired weapons. I seem to remember the Columbine killers even had pipe bombs which were already banned (illegal)!

House Resolution 36: Obama’s Banghazi-Loo?

Despite the Obama administration’s best efforts, most of us who can think for ourselves knew the Benghazi incident was a terrorist attack. And finally, we all “officially” learned that it was indeed a terrorist attack; but now … nobody seemed to know who originally Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and the President of the United States that it was all caused by a YouTube video.

Woodward Threatened by Senior White House Staffer for Telling the Truth!

Bob Woodward should know! Obama is, after all, a product of Saul Alinsky’s left-wing ideology and the corrupt Chicago political machine. He has proven to be very adept at strong-arm, character assassination-type politics. I would ask Bob … when have Obama’s lap-dog media darlings and other left-wing, progressive activists not employed such a strategy?

The Insidiousness Secrets of Obamacare

The liberal elites, such as Obama and hiscronies, want to blame the private sector and capitalism for rising healthcare and premiums costs. They count on the fact that you will not do your homework and will simpy accept their claim at face value. Why then is it I can purchas auto insurance from an auto insurance company in Hawaii becuase they offer a better premium rate … but must by a health insurance policy from a company based in Tennessee? Why is the market closed off? Is this free market captialism? No it is not! Then how can liberals truthfully blame free maket capitalism? They cannot … unless you drank the Cool Aid!

The Teflon President (or Obama Lied, America Died)

Now, let me be completely honest! For America (as true patriotic, conservative American’s love it) to survive, we have to defeat Obama and his party of pathological socialist liars in 2012. And to finish Jack Lew’s earlier interrupted sentence, unless Republicans can grow a set of balls … stand up …. and hold the Democrats responsible for all of their vicious lies, this nation is doomed.