The Left Aready “Hard at Work” Vilifying Paul Ryan!

Paul Ryan has volunteered himself as the face of that reality, and he is going to suffer a bright spotlight as a result, especially having been pushed even further into national prominence. The Left has evidently concluded that if it can vaporize Paul Ryan, it can vaporize his ideas. Time will tell if they are correct, but, regardless, economic gravity — and not hyperbole — will have the last laugh.

The Insidiousness Secrets of Obamacare

The liberal elites, such as Obama and hiscronies, want to blame the private sector and capitalism for rising healthcare and premiums costs. They count on the fact that you will not do your homework and will simpy accept their claim at face value. Why then is it I can purchas auto insurance from an auto insurance company in Hawaii becuase they offer a better premium rate … but must by a health insurance policy from a company based in Tennessee? Why is the market closed off? Is this free market captialism? No it is not! Then how can liberals truthfully blame free maket capitalism? They cannot … unless you drank the Cool Aid!