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Manchester Arena Attack

US-UK-blendOur thoughts and prayers go out to our friends and allies across the pond in the U.K. America needs to stand with Great Britain and all nations that are faced with the common enemy … radical Islamic terrorism.

This cowardly attack just goes to show again how vigilant we must remain in our fight against radical Islamic terrorism.  While all Muslims are certainly not terrorists, the terrorists who are currently bombing, running down, and otherwise killing Christians, Jews, and yes, other Muslims, around the globe are … radical Islamic terrorists. Whether they call themselves ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas, or Boco Haram, they are the same … an evil plague on the world.  Often, they are financed and supported by Iran.  One cannot help but wonder if part of the $147 billion in cash given to Iran by the Obama administration purchased the nuts, bolts and nails used in this latest suicide bombers vest.

Targeting children is something the civilized world abhors.  But, for the radical Islamic terrorist it is just another tool of his trade.  It is proof of just how evil these animals are. It is also yet another example of why the U.S. cannot afford to have “open borders,” especially with countries consumed by this hateful radical ideology … and why the policies of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others of the progressive left are a real danger to our nation.


Global Swarming

How I long for the good old days.  Do you remember back when it was just so cool to scoff at any and all warnings about new American foreign policies or old potential threats by anybody who actually knew what they were talking about?  I remember when highly intelligent, arrogant, Ivory Tower progressive-liberals with no real-world experience or common sense were boldly trashing the comments of anyone one who did not see things their way?

Do you remember the debate where Barack Obama haughtily “schooled” Mitt Romney about his lack of understanding of foreign policy after Romney made comments about the potential threat Russia still presented.  How did that work out?

  • We have unresolved Russian aggression in Ukraine.
  • Russian bombers are currently flying missions over the Gulf of Mexico
  • Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are forming stronger military ties with Russia and can provide bases for Russian combat aircraft and missiles.

I remember when George W. Bush was ridiculed for his comments about the Axis of Evil in which he included Iran, Iraq and North Korea.  Today we see:

  •  ISIS / ISIL / DAESH or whatever you want to call it …  in Iraq and Syria, forming alliances and sponsoring attacks her in the U.S.  Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Israel are doing their own thing … tired of waiting for the Anointed One to declare which side of the war on terror he is on.  Yes …Yes … I know we are not “at war” with them, however, they are at war with us and have been since the 70s.Obama’s efforts at containment and degradation certainly didn’t stop ISIS fanatics from shooting up a cartoon contest here in the U.S.  Tell me …. how do you contain a threat that recruits via twitter and Facebook?
  • We are facing a nuclear-armed North Korea who’s leader just executed a loyal, longtime senior member of his own government who, by the way, also loyally served his father … by shooting him with an anti-aircraft gun!  And for what you might ask?  Dozing off in a meeting.  And this idiot is just itching for a reason to launch a missile at someone!
  • We have a president who is so blinded by ideology and so anxious to be seen doing something … that he is willing to sign a disastrous deal with Iran; one that we know they will not adhere to and will practically guarantee them nuclear weapons shortly after he leaves office.  Iran’s leaders just keep stringing Obama and Kerry along like a couple of organ grinder monkeys!  It is freaking embarrassing!

However, the real  icing on the cake is this:


Don’t you have to have some sort of a recognizable strategy … before it can actually begin to unravel?  Guess not!!

Obama’s “Really Hip” Unadulterated Foreign Policy Incompetence!

English: Photograph of Barack Obama (center), ...
English: Photograph of Barack Obama (center), Joe Biden (left) and Hilary Clinton (right) during Office of the President speech. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That really hip dude, Barack Hussein Obama, is a foreign policy genius through and through.  And if he needs help, good old Uncle Joe Biden (a buffoon with little to no foreign policy experience) can step right in and save the day!  We should be so lucky … just ask Chris Matthews (who get a shiver up his leg whenever Obama opens his mouth) or Piers Morgan (who seems to forget that America fought a revolution to escape the kinds of aristocratic nonsense he espouses)!

However, for those of us who have to live in the real world, Obama’s a foreign policy (or lack there of) has been disastrous. His administration is totally and completely incompetent.

As my brother posted on Facebook yesterday, Obama and his socialist minions do seem to confuse “sound bytes” with a coherent and functional foreign policy.  And because of this, we are now indeed facing a major crisis on several different fronts:

  • The Middle East:  Obama has no plan, just sound bytes celebrating the “Arab Spring“, oh yeah … and giving the Arab Brotherhood $250 million, Abrams tanks, and 20 F16s .
  • North Korea and Iran:  Again … no plan, no action (other then sending Dennis Rodman?), no policy position … just more sound bytes about getting rid of a missile defense system that Obama now apparently realizes we do need after all.
  • Diplomacy:  So we demand respect as a nation state … but we don’t protect our embassies, protect or seek justice for our murdered ambassadors,  or show any intent to preserve our military capability.  If I were Deborah K. Jones, I would think twice about taking that new opening as Ambassador to Libya …
  • Cyber warfare:  Again, no strategic plan!  However, we do seem to have a great many “off the top of the head” sound bytes going back to about 2009.  But has Obama’s administration implemented any of what is state in their sound bytes?  Not so you’d notice!
  •  What about Obama’s other foreign policy “plan?”  They seem to include:
    • Alienate Israel
    • Abuse our relationship with the UK
    • Become a Chinese satellite state
    • Become bogged down in endless civil wars on the African continent
    • Ignore mutually beneficial economic deals with our neighbor Canada
    • Murdering American border agents and hundreds Mexican citizens by “Fast and Furiously” providing “assault weapons” to the Mexican drug cartels through the ATF in an effort to create a scandal they could use to justify national gun registration and/or confiscation.  Too bad they got caught … ain’t “Executive Privilege” a wonderful thang!

It really should not come as a shock!  We re-elected a “sycophantic demagogue” and his “court Jester” (who was brought onboard for his supposed  “Foreign Policy” expertise) as president and vice-president.  The real truth is that good old uncle Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue about foreign policy and is … fundamentally …  an idiot!  So, we are left with “the demagogue” to set policy.

Maybe Hillary Clinton actually has a clue (I kind of doubt it … but according to my brother’s post, some Washington DC insiders insist it is so), … but she has largely been ignored.  And … she was the Secretary of State during the whole tragic Benghazi security fiasco and coverup stupidity … and we have seen how well this group works together to cover each others ineptness.

And now … Democrats are saying the dream ticket for 2016 is Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama?  God help us all!!

Gas Prices Soaring Due to Seagulls!

Leucophaeus atricilla English: Laughing Gulls ...
Image via Wikipedia

Since our anointed Messiah, the mighty Barack Obama, bravely bowed to the pressure of radical tree-huggers in the EPA and quashed the Keystone Oil Pipeline deal with Canada … it looks like China (who will most certainly refine and burn Canadian oil in a much more environmentally friendly manner than the U.S. would have) is going to get that oil.

Iran is close to going nuclear, rattling its scimitars, and threatening to block the Straits of Hormuz, the most important oil transit channel in the world. Meanwhile, Obama seems intent on vacationing … while pretending the current Iranian President and his reasonable radical Islamic administration are no threat to the U.S. or its ally Israel (that evil perpetrator of the Holocaust myth).

Obama’s enlightened view that Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt, Syria, Venezuela, and North Korea are all simply misunderstood … and would play nice if the U.S.  would only just cripple its military and negotiate from a position of  weakness … makes me feel so much safer.

In fact, I am so very relieved to hear this!  Why you might ask?  Because that then gives Obama’s administration much more time to take on the really important issues like:

  • suing states for trying to protect their citizens from illegal immigrants who run drugs, humans, and weapons (paid for by Eric Holder) across our southern border;
  • finding “better” ways to count the number of unemployed in America so his numbers don’t look so bad in an election year;
  • and most importantly… providing all Catholic woman mandatory free condoms, abortions, and morning after pill insurance coverage whether they want it, will use it, or not.

I mean after all, why should it matter to pro-lifers and/or Christians that their tax dollars are being used to fund abortions!?  How closed-minded of us!

You know, I am afraid I must admit that I simply did not know that condoms were so darned expensive and so hard to get.  What was I thinking?!   Those must all be empty condom boxes and packages on the drug store shelves and behind the convenient store counters!  Have the public elementary schools run out of the free condoms they distribute by the handfuls to our children?  That’s simply horrible!  Are all those condom vending machines in truck stop men’s rooms empty?  Maybe Obama should issue an executive order mandating a new Truck Stop Men’s Room Czar and fund the associated bureaucracy? He could charge it with enforcing regulations mandating that trucks stops make sure these condom vending machines are always full, and that they are also available in the lady’s room (for equal rights), at the fuel pump islands, and in the trucker’s gift emporium next to the fuzzy steering wheel covers.  They could even put free condom and morning after pill vending machines in all our public schools starting in Kindergarten!  Wouldn’t that be swell!?

Meanwhile, gas prices are steadily climbing (locally up .03 cents per gallon as of yesterday) and they are estimated to go above $5 per gallon by summer. I heard yesterday that they are already paying $5 a gallon in some areas of California.  I wonder who, or what, Obama and his cronies will blame this on, because (despite the fact that Obama wants to crush oil companies and even stated during his 2008 campaign that he likes higher oil prices as long as they increase slowly); this will hurt his current  re-election bid.  He has to find something or someone to blame!  Hmmm!  Can he still get away with blaming it on George W. Bush, or maybe the Arab Spring turned to Summer, the Tea Party, a lazy do-nothing congress, or perhaps ATM machines!

No wait … I know!  He can blame it on seagull migrations!!  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  After all, it really could work!  Obama’s mainstream-media lap-dogs will gleefully run with the story (and can probably even find a way to blame seagull migrations on the Tea Party, the Catholic Church, and conservative republicans).  Perhaps most importantly, however, all the cool-aid drinkers will swallow it hook, line, and sinker. Obama’s newest excuse might even get discussed on “The View” with dissenting views being soundly, vigorously, and vulgarly ridiculed by the likes of Whoopee Goldberg and Joy Behar!!  Perhaps Janeane Garofalo and  Bill Maher will join in!

After all!  Facts be damned … if the anointed One has spoken it  … it must be so!

How About A Little American Stoicism!

Emotional Eagle

We desperately need a big dose of American stoicism … don’t you think?

It is a real shame that fear of the violence perpetrated by Islamic radicals can so easily cause some Americans to drop their principles and to “cut and run” … forgetting the causes of liberty and freedom many past Americans selflessly fought and died for.

Our liberal/socialist friends try to impress our more gullible American citizens … sounding so sophisticated and intelligent when they wax philosophically about our Islamic brothers and sisters, or …. our gay brothers and sisters, or … about how men should be “nice guys,” shouldn’t be so masculine … and wouldn’t it be just so much better if we were all so “metro-sexual.”

Well folks, please remember that our Islamic brothers and sisters would be more than very happy to kill off our gay brothers and sisters.  Remember, there are no homosexuals in Iran … just ask the Iranian president!

Hitler & Stalin

It is also much, much  more important to be a “good” man than to be a “nice” man.  There are situations were a good man must choose not to be nice!   “Nice-ness,” like “charm” is simply a tool to be used and is not a character trait.  Even Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, or Jeffery Dahmer could choose to be nice when it suited their purpose.

There will be little room to wax philosophically in a country called Amerika … unless it is guided by more Marxist or Machiavellian tones ….  not to mention in an American Islamic Theocracy!

I certainly do not advocate perpetrating violence against other peoples and cultures and personally, I would certainly be willing to coexist with any culture.  And indeed … as a long time history buff, a world traveler, a former soldier, and a martial artist, I have a real and deep appreciation and interest in other cultures and their histories.  As a child, I even enjoyed stories like Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Sinbad the Sailor!  I loved the film, The Wind and the Lion starring Sean Connery … but there are no longer heroes like that in todays radical Islamic world!

I just have a real problem picturing the Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli strapping a bomb to his chest and blowing up innocent men, women and children in a market place or a restaurant.

And … at the same time … I cannot, and will not, accept nor advocate, the kind of suicidal pacifism and  unwillingness to defend American principles and the American way of life that seems to be so prevalent with the liberal/socialist elitists of today, such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, George Soros, Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, Jack Murtha, et al.

Muslim Tolerance

Peace at all cost simply leads to slavery, and I will be a slave to no one … including any Islamic Global Caliphate! The American people need to wake up and to understand that we are caught in  a situation that realistically amounts to “national self-defense” and those unwilling to defend America from her enemies, both foreign and domestic, do not deserve to be called Americans or to benefit from life in America.

Empty Holsters And Other News

Whose Afraid Of An Empty Holster?

Student With Empty Holster

Should students have less freedom and safety than other citizens simply because they attend college? Many students at America’s universities are asking this same question: Why are they not allowed to defend themselves from campus attacks?

College students are mature and responsible enough to cast a vote, fight a war, own a gun, carry a gun, and exercise every other right of citizenship exercised by other adult citizens … then why should they be forced to go unarmed and be defenseless at institutions of higher learning?

While our law makers debate, delay, argue and defend the status quo, far too many college students are being raped, mugged, and robbed at gun and knife point … or they are caught alone and outnumbered by punk gangster wannabes!

There is no need to change current gun laws … simply give people on college campuses the same rights they have everywhere else.

Of course … anti-gun nuts will argue that guns will start going off randomly and students will break out into gunfights all the time. This argument, of course, ignores the fact that people who get concealed carry permits are law-abiding citizens … and the gangster wannabes already have illegal guns anyway.

Many law-abiding citizens with concealed carry permits are already permeating the society … folks just don’t realize it because of the “concealed carry” part … and they do not “break out into gunfights.” However … they can protect themselves.

A group called Students for Concealed Carry on Campus are leading the fight and wearing empty holsters to protest state laws and student codes of conduct that prohibit them from exercising their Second Amendment rights even though they have a concealed carry permit.

So far, Utah is the only state that expressly allows the Right to Carry on public college campuses thanks to a 2004 law allowing the Right to Carry on all state property … and Utah has not disappeared in a blaze of gunfire.

Sadly … a bill that would have required colleges in Virginia to allow Right to Carry permit holders to exercise that right on campuses died in committee not long before the Virginia Tech tragedy where an armed maniac killed 27 students and 5 faculty members. If a few of those students or faculty members had been legally armed … perhaps there would have been a few less funerals to attend.

Though no longer a student, I am a staff member at an American university … I applaud their efforts and am supporting them!

Obama the Unifier!

The independent National Journal ranked John Kerry as the “Most Liberal” the year before he lost the race for the Presidency.

Barack Obama

Senator Barack Obama, now in his 3rd year of serving in the Senate, has taken the title of “More Liberal than Kerry, Kennedy and Hillary.” According to the ratings, Hillary Clinton comes in at #16.

I will never understand Obama’s claim that he is a unifier … and that only he will be able to bridge the gap between conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats. Obama’s policies and priorities come straight from the progressive liberal play book.

Of course Obama talks about bringing together Republicans, Independents, and Democrats … but how exactly is that going to work? Is Obama somehow going to retreat from the positions that Al Gore, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, or John Edwards held. I think not!

I might buy some of the unifier rhetoric if Obama became willing to discuss vouchers for School Choice … or dismantling the NEA and its disastrous effect on our public school system, … or when he decides that entitlement programs need real reform that include ideas like personal individual retirement accounts.

Homeless American Soldiers

This is an absolute disgrace to this country! A true American tragedy! Let me say that when I first read this … being a veteran myself … I was really angry … and I mean jump up and down, punch a hole in the wall, storm the White House kind of angry!

A Homeless Vet

The Veterans Administration estimates that there are about 193,000 homeless veterans living in the U.S., veterans who have served this country when asked. Col. David Hunt thinks the number is closer to 500,000.

The fact that there are homeless people in this country is certainly tragic … but I have to agree with Col. David Hunt … the fact that there are homeless veterans in this country is criminal.

These veterans, mostly men, put themselves between us and harms way, fought our wars, spent countless days and nights in the worst hell holes to be found around the globe, and stood at a wall and said “not on my watch.” They have been wounded, tortured, lost limbs, and lost many close friends while protecting our way of life … then they return home to live under a bridge? That simply should not be!!

This is not President Bush’s fault … nor President Clinton’s fault … nor President Reagan‘s fault! According to Col. Hunt, this is every administration’s fault since Valley Forge.

I say that a nation that does not take care of its veterans does not deserve to have them and eventually, is doomed to fall!! I am going to take a close look at what I can do to help … won’t you?

Iran Goes Nuclear!

Nuclear Iran

Some French folks do still have guts! Thérèse Delpech is the director of strategic studies at the French Atomic Energy Commission. She recently delivered a blistering critique of all the key players in the Iran nuclear controversy including Great Britain, France, Russia, China, Germany, and … of course … the United States.  She also body slams the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Her review of Iran’s nuclear program demolishes the notion that the program was designed for peaceful purposes . Launched in secret 20 years ago, pursued in violation of Iran’s legally binding safeguards obligations, and with no economic justification for the immense investment required … Iran’s program only makes sense as a nuclear weapons program.

Why isn’t Moscow more concerned with a Muslim fundamentalist state on its borders with nuclear armaments? In private, Russian officials agree that Tehran is pursuing nuclear weapons … but still has provided considerable nuclear assistance to Iran over the last 15 years and continues to block meaningful action against Iran at the UN.

In Moscow, it is sometimes very, very hard to tell the difference between strategic issues, commercial issues, and outright criminal activities!

China has a similar record … but China relies on Iran for 15% of its oil imports and is the world’s second largest consumer of oil. China is also working to establish a diplomatic foothold in the Middle East … and does not want to rock the Iranian boat.

Great Britain, France and Germany lead the international effort to negotiate with Iran, but their efforts have more to do with attempting to prove the superiority of “soft power” to the muscular foreign policy of the Bush administration, than any real attempt to end Iran’s nuclear weapons program. So far, due to Russia and China’s efforts in the UN Security Council, their negotiations have met with no measurable success.

And … the U.S.? Distracted by War in Iraq and burdened by all the tragic developments in U.S. – Iranian relations since the fall of the Shah … is, in fact, secretly unwilling to use military force despite all the saber rattling.

It looks to me like last month’s National Intelligence Estimate is far from the last word on this issue … in fact, it is pointless.


Who Won The South Carolina GOP Debate?

According to the phone poll, Ron Paul won the debate by a handy margin. I wonder if any of his supporters had actually watched this debate? His most lucid comment occurred when he was asked if he would disavow his anti-government 9/11 conspiracy theorist supporters because they were hurting his campaign. His response that “I cannot tell people what to do” and that he, personally, had abandoned those viewpoints … now … can I please deal with the relevant topic the other candidates have commented on; deserved some applause.

However, Ron Paul seemed totally out of touch on the question concerning the recent incident in the Strait of Hormuz between a U.S. Navy ship and five Iranian speed boats. While the other five candidates stated that we should not second guess the commanders who were actually on the scene, and that they thought that proper restraint had been exercised by not firing on the speed boats; Ron Paul went on an anti – World War III tirade saying that he thought the incident was blown all out of proportion and that “we’re ready to start World War III over this? … You know there are people in this administration and in Washington, D.C. that are looking for the chance” to bomb Iran. This was despite the fact the no one had called for World War III, or even a slightly stronger response.

I think Mitt Romney summed up most everyones’ feeling when he stated that he thought Congressman Ron Paul should stop reading so “many of (Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmaddinejad’s press releases.”

Ron Paul also received sharp criticism for his comments on Israel when he stated that we need to treat Israel in an “adult fashion” and that U.S. national security would be improved by making Israel responsible for its own security.

Mike Huckabee spoke for most when he said, “We’ve got one true ally in the Middle East. That is Israel. It is a tiny nation … for us to give the world the impression that we would stand by if they were under attack and say its not our problem,” would be recklessly irresponsible.

Despite the phone poll, there is no way a sane, competent human being who actually watched that debate could claim Ron Paul won. Actually, I don’t think most conservatives are too concerned with text voting. I do think his 9/11 conspiracy theory supporters were primed and waiting … cellphone in hand … to vote for their hero. To me this is a good argument for why we should never institute Internet voting!

The majority of the candidates seemed to be of one voice concerning the future direction of the Republican Party and the need to return to the successful Reagan principles of the past. “This is a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party,” Fred Thompson said.

John McCain stated that republicans were hurt in the last election because of the “Reagan principles, and philosophy, and practices we’ve gone away from.” He went on to say, “I’ve said a number of times we came to power in 1994 to change government,” and instead the government changed us. He continued by saying that spending was one of those changes. As a nation, we have to return to those conservative principles of less government, lower taxes, strong family values, and strong national defense that brought about a “dawn of a new day in America.”

Former New York Mayor Giuliani echoed these thoughts by stating that we need to return to the “peace through strength” principles. Guiliani, like the other five major candidates, discussed the need to lower taxes. “If you cut something like the corporate tax at 35 percent, you bring it down to 30 percent, you will get more revenues from that cut, because our corporate tax is the second highest in the world. If you cut some other tax, you might not get those kinds of revenues. So, the question is: What tax are you cutting? Is it anti-competitive?”

Guliani went on to say that we have to cut spending as “significantly” as we cut taxes. We have to impose cutbacks on each one of the civilian federal agencies. He said he would do that the same way he did as mayor of New York City, and the same way Ronald Reagan did it as president of the United States.

John McCain pushed his experience and the changes he has been a part of since 1994. He stated we have to stop out-of-control government spending and that, as president, he would veto any pork or earmarks that came across his desk. McCain said that he felt that he was the candidate to beat the democratic nominee because of his nickname “the sheriff” on the Appropriations Committee.

Personally, I think Mike Huckabee was brilliant in his handling of the the question concerning his endorsement, some years ago, of the biblical verse from Ephesians 5. This verse is so often taken out of context and misused. It is really sad that a chapter in the Bible that tells husbands and wives to mutually respect, honor, and love one another can become an issue in a political campaign. However, I guess that in a culture that attacks Christian ideas, supports gay marriages and free birth control for 13-year-old girls without parental knowledge, and has a divorce rate that is approaching 50 percent; this is a topic that would be shocking to some.

For me, and also pollster Frank Luntz’s focus panel, Fred Thompson was the clear winner. He came across as a thoughtful, experienced conservative with some fire. He nailed Mike Huckabee on his support for illegal immigration, his apologetic stance for the United States’ “arrogant” foreign policy, and for his received endorsement from the NEA. Thompson stated that when the U.S. went into Iraq, sixteen other countries went with us. He asked Mike Huckabee, were they all “arrogant” as well?

Fred Thompson came out strongly in support of smaller government, less taxes, strong family values, and a strong national defense. He even showed his sense of humor when he stated that, had those Iranian speed boats come any closer to our navy’s destroyer, they might have met those 72 virgins they are so concerned with.

I also liked Thompson’s comment to Alan Combs after the debate when Combs kept pressing him about the fact that only 9 of the 18 benchmarks established for the Iraqi government had been met. Fred Thompson reiterated the fact that, despite the reality ignoring denials of the democratic candidates and the surrender of Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader, the surge is working. Thompson commented that it just might take the Iraqi government and people a little longer to get everything accomplished because they have no Thomas Jeffersons in Iraq … Saddam Hussein killed them all.