America Blown to Bits and Pieces by Our Feckless Leader

What are root causes of these shootings … young people desensitized to extreme violence by graphically violent Hollywood movies and video games, the declining moral fiber of our nation, ignored mental illness, and ILLEGALLY acquired weapons. I seem to remember the Columbine killers even had pipe bombs which were already banned (illegal)!

A Response to a Reader’s Comments:

And yes … even those dastardly, despicable, racist, hate-mongering, tea bagging, slutty, conservatives (who hate autistic children, the mentally challenged, and who want old people to die starving in the streets) want American citizens to have access to affordable, transportable, quality health insurance. The problem is that Obamacare will not provide that. It will only bankrupt the country.

The Teflon President (or Obama Lied, America Died)

Now, let me be completely honest! For America (as true patriotic, conservative American’s love it) to survive, we have to defeat Obama and his party of pathological socialist liars in 2012. And to finish Jack Lew’s earlier interrupted sentence, unless Republicans can grow a set of balls … stand up …. and hold the Democrats responsible for all of their vicious lies, this nation is doomed.