Serpents Underfoot (an excerpt)

Lt. Curtis Cordell slowly clawed his way back to consciousness.

What the fuck happened?

He was lying flat on his back on the jungle floor. Looking up, he saw daylight filtering down through the jungle canopy above.

Shit! Where’s the damn chopper?

He tried to roll over and locate his weapon but a jolt of intense pain shot through his body. Mercifully, he faded into unconsciousness.

When Cordell  drifted back into consciousness the jungle was pitch black. He did not try to move. He lay still, trying to figure out what the hell had happened. I was trying to snap the rope into my D-ring … the door gunner was shouting and there was the sound of an M-60 firing … I was grabbing for the rope … Holy shit!  I fell out of the fucking chopper.

Cordell lay still a few more minutes, that thought slowly taking hold in his brain. What the fuck do I do now?  He began to assess his situation. It was not good! Vietnamese civilians in the area had been under Viet Cong control too long now.  That meant they would not likely render him any assistance. Either terrorized or indoctrinated into supporting the enemy … they would more likely turn him over to the VC.  Also, not good!

Curtis was in the highlands, so water was an issue.  He still had his canteen, but that held one quart … not enough!  Hearing “jungle” most people imagine lush growth and monsoon rains.  There are also long dry seasons with no rain … where water becomes an issue even in the lowlands.  It was currently such a season and Curtis was definitely not in the lowlands.

Time to see if I can move. It was painful but this time he managed to roll over, discovering his M16 and his rucksack beneath him.  Slowly, trying to keep movements to a necessary minimum, Curtis gave his weapon a thorough inspection … relieved to find the rifle was operational.  His helmet was nowhere to be found.  Just as well!  Damn steel pot … too hot and heavy anyway.

Luckily for him, the soft rotting soil of the jungle floor absorbed much of the impact when he landed.  It could have been a big fucking pile of Vietnamese rocks … with a very different result.

Painfully, Cordell managed to get to his knees … then his feet.  Every inch of his body hurt like hell. He was covered with bruises, scrapes and cuts.  A good amount of his blood too.  His head hurt like hell! Gingerly, he felt the huge knot on the back of his head.  At first inspection, it appeared that, despite considerable pain, there didn’t seem to be any serious injury. Damn lucky! Concussion maybe …

Cordell’s concern at this point was simple survival.  He was still disorientated and had no idea what happened to the chopper or his team.  He knew he was near the original LZ, and since there was no sign of a crash site, it was a good bet they’d gotten away.  Then Cordell realized that he had no radio.

What a cluster fuck!

Continuing to take stock of his situation, he concluded that it was not good.  Obviously they’d been spotted since someone had fired that rocket!  A VC or NVA patrol was almost certainly on the way right now to investigate, hoping to find the site of a crashed helicopter.  On his best day, Cordell couldn’t take on a well-armed Vietcong or NVA patrol alone.  He needed to move now.

Okay Cordell!  I know it hurts, but you better get your sorry ass moving.  His best option was to head downhill … toward water.

There were still a few Montagnard villages in the area and they would be located near a source of water.  With any luck, he’d find some friendlies willing to help him get back to his unit.  Cordell took a few steps in the downhill direction, his knees buckled and he hit the ground. He was unaware that someone was watching him, hidden in the jungle foliage about forty yards away … virtually invisible.

Dish squatted silently in the dense foliage, trying to decide what to make of the American who had just fallen from the sky. He was a Degar, a Montagnard of the Jari tribe from the Kon Tum Province of the Central Highlands.  “Montagnard,” was a term carried over from the French colonial period in Vietnam. It meant “mountain people”.  The Vietnamese people regarded the Montagnard as “Moi,” or savages, and little love was lost between them and the Montagnard. However, the Montagnard held an especially deep hatred for the brutal communist North Vietnamese and their Vietcong allies.

Many of these tough Montagnard tribesmen fought with U.S. Special Forces and LRRP teams in Vietnam and earned the respect and admiration of their American allies.  Both the Special Forces units operating in Vietnam and the Montagnard warriors excelled in jungle warfare. Both were very accustomed to operating under the harshest of conditions.  It was not surprising these warriors grew to respect each other.

Dish finished his lunch, a handful of sticky rice wrapped in “some kind of totally unpalatable vegetation” his Special Forces friends often teased. He stood and worked his way down to have a closer look at the American.  Suddenly Dish froze.  His eyes narrowed to slits.  He remained stock still as the many banded krait adjusted its coils just a few feet in front of him and directly in his path.  The krait was agitated, its tongue darting in and out, tasting the air … searching for what had disturbed it. Dish did not move. There was little Dish feared in his world, but death from the bite of the venomous krait was a painful way to go.  Not a good death for a Montagnard warrior such as himself.

Finally, the krait seemed to lose interest and uncoiled itself. It slithered off the trail and into the jungle growth.  Dish remained still for several more minutes.  Kraits were highly aggressive … and sometimes waited in ambush for unwary victims.  Finally, Dish continued down to where the American soldier lay.  It was obvious to Dish that the American was in terrible shape.  He noticed the large swelling on the back of the soldier’s head where he’d been struck by a tree limb while tumbling through the jungle canopy.

Dish looked at the American’s uniform, seeing that he was a lieutenant from the American 1st Calvary Division.  He’d worked with American Special Forces teams over the past years, but not the 1st Cav’s LRRP teams.   Dish noted with appreciation that, though the soldier lay unconscious on the jungle floor, he still maintained a grip on his rifle.

Falling from the sky was not a smart thing to do!  This American soldier must be very clumsy or stupid.  Perhaps both.

He grinned as he recalled the picture of the American tumbling down through the canopy, hanging up momentarily on the vines, and finally flopping onto the jungle floor.  It was a very funny picture.  It had been quite difficult not to laugh out loud.

Better not leave him here or this clumsy American would soon become a dead American!

Dish’s life as a Montagnard warrior in the Central Highlands and his martial arts training with his father’s friend, Ang Dung, turned him into a very strong and capable young man.  He scooped up the American, rucksack and all, and slung him over his right shoulder.  Grabbing up the American soldier’s M16 in his left hand, Dish moved off through the jungle following a faint trail most Americans, or even NVA, would never notice.

Even with the extra burden Dish traveled quickly.  By nightfall he felt near enough to the village to stop for a short rest.  He set the M16 down and settled the American gently on the ground, propping him up against the base of a water pine tree.  Dish knew that several times on the trail the American had regained and lost consciousness.  There had been no struggle.  Perhaps he’d noticed the crossbow hanging from Dish’s hip.

The Montagnard were famous for their deadly use of this silent, accurate weapon. Perhaps the American knew he was in friendly hands and so there’d been no struggle to get away. Dish unslung his crossbow and squatted down to eat a little more rice.  He noticed that the American was conscious and watching him, so he went over and offered him a drink from the canteen he’d retrieved from the soldier’s gear.  The American was grateful and drank greedily. Dish helped himself to a drink.

“You okay,” he said quietly. The human voice carried a long distance in the jungle.  “My village is close.”

Cordell tossed and turned in the grip of a fever dream.  Hurt, he was desperately trying to make his way through the jungle … searching for his team.   Everywhere he turned or tried to crawl, the jungle became an impenetrable mass of vines, thorns and underbrush.  He could not break through.  The jungle floor was a hot, steaming mass of rotting vegetation.  He could not breathe!  He was suffocating!  He was being steamed alive.   Then … the feeling of cool relief … like a gentle breeze, would flow over him.  Starting with his head and spreading throughout his feverish body.  Pleasant and cool … bringing him back to life.  It was, however, just a temporary respite. That oppressive heat always returned and again he was suffocating … like some giant, constricting serpent was coiled around his chest and slowly squeezing the life out of him.

When Cordell opened his eyes, he found himself looking up into the face of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  At least he hoped she was really there and he wasn’t just hallucinating.  She was gently washing the scrapes and cuts that covered most of his sore and aching body.  He was embarrassed when he realized that he was lying naked on a woven mat.  To his great relief, he found that his midsection was discretely covered. Mai noticed that the American was awake. She indicated that he should remain still until she finished tending to his injuries.  That task completed, Mai smiled at the American and gave him a reassuring touch on his arm.  He was aware that she got up and left. An instant later, Cordell was asleep.

Cordell awakened some hours later, to find Mai had returned with bowls of clear broth soup and plain rice on a tray she placed next to him.  He glanced around the room and was relieved to see his M16 leaning against the wall near his mat.  It looked as though it had been recently cleaned and he could see a magazine seated in the magazine well … he assumed it was loaded.

“Please eat,” Mai stated in clear English.  Cordell was shocked.

“You speak English?“ he asked somewhat surprised.

“Yes,” Mai replied.  “I learned in the mission school.  I would sometimes help my father talk to the Americans when they visited our village.”  Being the daughter of a village chief had its advantages.

“You are not Montagnard,” Cordell observed.

“No,” Mai replied.  “I am Vietnamese.  My family was killed by the VC.  I now live with the Montagnard.”

Cordell nodded. “I am sorry,” he replied.  A look of sadness flickered briefly across her face, then she went on.

“The man who brought you here is my Montagnard brother, Dish.  You rest now.  Okay.”

Cordell nodded.

“My name is Curtis.  What is your name?”

“My name is Mai.  Rest now.  I will come back later.”

It is very nice to meet you, Mai, Curtis thought, drifting off to sleep.

The next day, Mai tended her small patch of garden near the long house.  Pulling some of the ever-present weeds, she loosened the soil around a few plants. This was difficult work because the ground was very hard and dry.  She hoped the rains would come soon.  After she finished, she made several trips to the river to water her garden.  Last, she found a turnip and some cabbages to add to tonight’s meal.  She did not need much for herself and Dish was rarely around for meals. Feeding the American who needed to recover his strength, however, was putting a slight strain on her resources.

She’d decided she liked the American soldier.  He was quiet in a pleasant, thoughtful way and tried hard to stay out of her way while obviously enjoying her company.  Mai was not sure that this was a good thing.  He would be leaving soon and she must continue her life in the village.  It was not a good idea to become too friendly and … as a young Vietnamese lady, it would not be proper.  Returning to the long house, she found the American sitting on the steps enjoying the sunshine.

“What are you doing?” Mai scolded.  “You should be lying down and resting.”

Cordell smiled.  “I just needed to move a bit.  Can’t get too lazy.  Anyway the sun feels pretty good right now.”  Mai noticed the rifle leaning on the step beside him and frowned.

“You must go inside.  You should not been seen outside.  Too many VC.”

“Okay, okay.  You might be right.”  Cordell, using his M16 for support, hobbled back into the house with Mai right behind him.

“With your brother in the area I do not think too many VC would bother this village.”

Mai admitted to herself that he was probably right.  The VC generally steered well clear of this village.  They’d learned from experience that they didn’t last long in this area with Dish and the other Montagnard men from the local villages on patrol.  And too, the American Special Forces teams would often pass through on missions to disrupt the flow of weapons and other supplies coming down from the north.  Despite all of this, her painful memories had ingrained in her the importance of always being on full alert.

Mai busied herself preparing vegetables and rice for the evening meal while Cordell found a place to sit and relax.  He was feeling better but still needed several more days recovery before he could attempt to get back to his unit.  His head still hurt pretty badly where he’d gotten that prize-winning knot.

Cordell found it pleasant just sitting there watching Mai move about, concentrating on her tasks.  She was so very beautiful!  Her face, her hair … she moved with such an easy grace.  He wanted to help her prepare the food but thought better of it since he still felt weak and was much safer sitting down, and he certainly didn’t want to overstep any cultural bounds.

The next morning Cordell awoke feeling much better.  He worked his way down the long house steps and over to a bench where he sat to enjoy the morning sunshine.  Dish had returned to the village and was engaged in some kind of martial arts practice with other men from the village.  Being a soldier, Cordell always found an interest in such things and he enjoyed watching them practice.  Whatever they were doing, it looked practical, efficient and damn lethal.  He was intrigued.

Dish saw him sitting on the bench and when they were done, came over and sat down.  Dish also liked this quiet American who didn’t complain too much and seemed genuinely interested in the village and its people.  Dish could tell Mai liked him too.

“You like,” Dish asked indicating the martial arts practice session.  “You try tomorrow.  Okay?”

Cordell wasn’t too sure he would be ready by then, but nodded and smiled.

“Okay,” he replied, hoping he would somehow survive tomorrow’s practice session.

Two days later Cordell’s general condition was greatly improved.  He’d survived two of Dish’s training sessions and was beginning to understand a little of the basics.  Mai explained that Dish was showing him Vovinam, a Vietnamese martial art originally taught to Dish by her father.

Later that evening Cordell, with Mai translating, asked Dish about getting back to a U.S. base and his unit.  Mai was surprised to realize that she was very saddened to think of Cordell leaving.  Dish replied that the Vietcong were currently very active to the south, in the very area they would have to pass through to reach the closest U.S. military outpost.  His recommendation was to wait a few days until the VC moved into another area.  They were constantly moving to help avoid detection by U.S. forces.

Cordell took the translated advice from Mai well enough.  It made sense and he found that he liked the idea of being around Mai for a few more days.

Days turned into weeks. The VC seemed to be staying put. Cordell spent the time gaining back his strength, practicing Vovinam with the village men, and helping Mai with her chores.  At first Mai resisted his help, saying it was woman’s work.  Cordell countered that he could not sit around and do nothing … and besides, he needed the exercise.  Finally, Mai relented. She had found she enjoyed the time spent with Cordell, whether in the garden, fetching water, or doing other odds and ends.  He’d even learned the names of her pigs.

Dish joined them for the evening meal.  He had news. Through Mai, he explained that the VC had moved off to the northwest. Cordell should have no trouble getting to a Special Forces camp a few days walk to the south.  Unfortunately, he and the other village men would be heading north to track the VC’s movements. He could not guide Cordell.

Damn it!  He needed a guide.  He had no radio, maps or even a compass. All of that was lost when he was thrown from the chopper.

“I will show you the way,” came quiet voice. Cordell looked over at Mai, ready to argue.  Dish looked at Mai and nodded, and that was that.


Boots on the Ground? – Wrong Question

It feels like we are finally awakening frthom a long nightmare where national security policy was being set by sugar-infused 5th graders who got their foreign policy training by watching back-to-back episodes of Barney.

Can we please take a shot at understanding the threats we will likely face over the next twenty years? Can we then design a military that is capable of handling those threats?
Not that it is just the Obama administration that has proven itself unbelievably incompetent in this area, we have a long embarrassing history of allowing politics to dictate readiness. It would be nice to break the trend. We were in the middle of severe cutbacks in our armed forces based on a “peace dividend” theory that said that since the Soviet Union collapsed that we no longer needed a large, heavy-division, combined-arms based military. Then – we had to face at least two wars with opponents based on the Soviet model. Large, heavy-division-based tactics.

We won, largely due to the complete incompetence of our opponents, poor leadership, and outclassed weaponry. Keep in mind, we were coming off of our peak of readiness to fight the heavy division battle of the future. Also, our opponents were operating without their support structure of Soviet advisers and access to newer Soviet equipment and parts.

Since then we have continued to draw down our military, and focus primarily on small unit patrol and raid operations. Our elites in DC seem to have a problem in separating tactics from strategic risks.

Sure, we can drone-strike whoever we want in the Middle East. And, we can send guys in to kick in doors in urban environments. And, we can send in observers to watch the various armed groups blunder through confrontation after confrontation. To what end?

Did our military positioning do anything to prevent the Russian invasion of Georgia or the Ukraine? What message does our military positioning send to the big threats in the world like Iran, Russia, China or North Korea? Watch out Putin, we will drone-strike some of your lower-level officials in the contested territory in the Ukraine? Really?

Finally, belatedly, we are frantically running through an exercise I call Reforger Redux. (Reforger was an acronym Return of Forces to Germany to augment our forward positioned units should the Soviet Union invade Europe.) And no Obama, this isn’t the 80’s asking for their national security strategy back. (Snarky, but ignorant.) Geopolitics is geopolitics and all the tree-hugging and Barney-song singing in the world isn’t going to change it.

Russia’s strategic center is exposed, and it has always been exposed, to invasion from the West. There are no natural lines of defense in this direction and the landscape is perfectly suited for large armor formations. So, Soviet was and now Russian defense is focused on heavy division structures, and building a buffer to its West to protect itself. Until the geography changes, this will always be the Russian focus, which creates an existential threat to all of the European countries bordering it.

Since this has always been the case, it makes one wonder why we removed all of our heavy units from Germany in the first place? The geography didn’t change, the aspirations of Putin have been clear from day one, and he is a threat to the security of Europe, period. But our politicians in DC apparently couldn’t, or wouldn’t learn from history.

As we now frantically try to establish new bases in Eastern Europe and push armor units forward to be a credible force we are very weak and exposed. We don’t have the forces in place yet, we don’t have the logistics in place to sustain those forces, and we don’t have a network of partners to fill in the gap should something occur while we try to fix the problem. And, we are still drawing down our military.

The whole boots on the ground question is a red herring. We need forces in the right locations structured correctly in order to respond to the strategic threat, period. These military leaders that wisely nod their heads recognizing the threat, then claiming that we cannot put “boots on the ground” and must rely on others are simply politicians in uniform. We should never submit our strategic decision making to popularity polls of those that have only the vaguest clue of what the true issues are.

We need a heavy, combined arms formation in Europe if we decide we want to defend our interests there. We need a slightly different mix in the Korean peninsula based on the landscape. If we want a strong position in the Middle East we need a force capable of countering the threat from Iran.

Wishful thinking is not going to preserve our interests going forward. We have seen a significant reduction in our standing in the world based on ideological rather than strategic planning. We can argue about how to pay for what we need, but how we pay for it doesn’t change what the threat is.

My New Novel …. due to be released this fall.


At least one member of JD Cordell’s family has fought in every conflict that the United States has been involved in as far back as the French and Indian War. This included his father, Curtis Cordell, who married the beautiful South Vietnamese woman who saved his life deep in the jungles of Vietnam.

JD grew up to believe that honor, loyalty and a devotion to duty went hand in hand with the skills and compassion he learned from his years of martial arts training. These things molded JD into the man he is and the accomplished Navy SEAL he has become.

While on a dangerous mission, JD’s SEAL team unexpectedly discover a plot being orchestrated by a terrorist mastermind living in Iran, which if successful, could spell disaster for the United States. Receiving a message from an old school friend who now works for the CIA, JD finds himself suddenly catapulted into the center of this sinister plot. When his friend is killed, assassinated by the terrorists, JD finds himself drawn still deeper into the sinister conspiracy. Working to avenge his friend’s death, JD uncovers a trail of treachery and betrayal that reaches from the mountains of Iran to the highest levels of the U.S. Government. Can he prevent a major terrorist strike which has the potential to destroy an entire way of life? JD’s honor will not allow him to simply walk away.


I will post chapter previews here in the future!

Florida man dies in meth-lab explosion after lighting farts on fire

A prime example as to why we should take the warning labels off everything and simply let nature take its course!

The Valley Report


GAINESVILLE, FL – A 37-year-old man is dead after his trailer home was destroyed in a meth-lab explosion, caused by him lighting up ‘blue angels’ to amuse his wife.


The man’s wife was found lying naked on the couple’s front yard, reportedly still laughing. “A Blue Angel is when you put a lighter up to your butt and fart on it, making it catch on fire. It’s funny as s—,” explains the mans wife, who claims to be an expert on the subject. “Normally we go to Del Taco because of their $0.59 tacos, but we made some extra cash this week so we went to Chipotle. The farts you get from there could fill a gas chamber. I know he’s looking up from hell laughing his ass off saying it was worth it,” she says smiling through blackened teeth, apparently not caused by the fire.

The woman…

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Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore is an extremely rich man!  He has been peddling a “Climate Change/Global Warming” scam that gullible left-wing Americans have bought into hook, line and sinker. Gore somehow even managed to win both a Nobel Peace Prize and an Academy Award for his nonsense from easily-led pseudo-intellectuals.  But, the real fact is that none of Gore’s dire predictions have actually come true!

Ten years ago Monday, Al Gore stated emphatically that we had only a decade left to save the planet from global warming.  According to his predictions, we should now be living in some kind of a giant frying pan! But surprise surprise, the Earth has been trucking along just fine.  Why do so many still listen to this man?  Generally they are the same people who still believe Barack Obama’s lies!  In short, they blindly drink the progressive Cool Aid!

I do remember how, at the  Sundance Film Festival in January 2006, during the premiere of his grand documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth”, Gore made his grand prediction. The former vice president stated, according to the AP reporter taking down his story, that “unless drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases are taken within the next 10 years, the world will reach a point of no return.” In Gore’s own words, he claimed we were in “a true planetary emergency.”

Ten years later, he’s probably hoping that everyone has forgotten about his categorical statement.

The terrible truth for Al Gore is that there is no planetary emergency. Not one of the dire predictions he and the rest of the alarmist community made has come to pass. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that they have been getting rich from this hoax.



Investor Business Daily has a few more “inconvenient truths ” that Al Gore would rather not have the public hear (You will not find these truths on any of the left-wing, lap-dog media outlets; you know, the ones who felt a shiver run up their leg when Obama spoke and who now drool over Hillary Clinton):

  1. Earth hasn’t warmed in nearly 20 years. Yes, 2015 supposedly “smashed” the previous temperature record. But actually it was the third-warmest year on record and maybe “not even close to the hottest year on record,” says James Taylor of the Heartland Institute.
  2. Predictions that climate change (the re-branding of “global warming” when it turned out that predicted warming wasn’t happening) would cause catastrophic weather damage have simply not panned out. German insurance giant Munich Re says losses from natural disasters were lower in 2015 than in 2014 and lowest since 2009. The facts are sharply at odds with Gore’s 2012 claim that “dirty weather” caused by “dirty fossil fuel” has created “extreme weather” that “is happening all over the world with increasing frequency.”
  3. Despite all the self-congratulatory international conferences and pseudo-agreements, the world has done nothing to “fight global warming.” He cannot claim that his deadline has been extended because some governments have forced their citizens to cut carbon dioxide emissions. CO2 levels keep climbing and now exceed 401 parts per million in the atmosphere. It is simply not the dangerous greenhouse gas we’ve repeatedly been told it is.
  4. In the mid-to-late-2000’s, Gore repeatedly predicted that an ice-free Arctic Ocean was coming soon. But as usual, his fortune-telling was wrong. By 2014, Arctic ice had grown thicker and covered a greater area than it did when he made his prediction
  5. Gore’s movie, which somehow won an Oscar, was found by a British judge to contain nine errors. The judge said it could not be shown to students unless it included a notice pointing out the errors.

I suppose Al Gore is laughing all the way to the bank.



“Snapback” My A$$!


An interesting observation:

Remember Obama’s statement that he used to get congress to approve the Iran deal … that the deal had a “snapback” provision that would reinstate all the sanctions if Iran did anything that violated the agreement?  Well guess what … not so much!

Iran, according to both US intelligence agencies and the UN, has violated a whole range of things in the agreement . What does the Obama administration do?  Absolutely nothing!  In fact, the Obama administration viciously fights back against congress when they attempt to impose any sanctions on Iran at all!

In the meantime, Obama goes full speed ahead with giving Iran (the number one sponsor of terror in the world) 100 billion dollars.  That money will pay for attacks on US citizens and interests around the world. We have a President who has put in place a system where U.S. taxpayers fund the terror attacks against themselves.  

How is that for Hope and Change!

Baltimore Protesters Protest Their Own Success!


Activists in Baltimore fought to keep the trial of Officer William Porter for his alleged part in the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore where the jury would to be made up of Baltimore’s citizens … a true jury of his peers.  They got what they wanted and Officer Porter was tried in Baltimore.  However, the result was not what they wanted.  The trial resulted in a hung jury!  Of course the activists do not like this result and vow it is not over.

Prosecutor Mosby was present in court when the mistrial was declared and she was visibly upset.  She’d had planned to use testimony from Porter in their cases against the other officers and therefore is surely quite exasperated at having her grand political agenda thwarted.

“They didn’t offer him immunity. So now, they are in a situation where they have this charged defendant hanging out there, and they can’t force him to testify against these other officers,” CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin said. “And so, I think that this is, in many respects, a game changer for this prosecution.”

Prosecutors are in “serious trouble,” CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said.

“A hung jury is a defeat for the prosecution, especially when they needed Porter to make some of these other cases,” Toobin said. “Now, it’s not impossible that at least some of these other cases can go to trial without Porter, but his testimony was going to be important.”

So …  protesters in Baltimore will continue to call police officers racist and march in the streets chanting, “No justice, no peace” and, “All night, all day, we will fight for Freddie Gray.”  I guess what this really means that these activists define justice as getting what they want … whether it is right or wrong!

Random Musings

AG Loretta Lynch is on CNN announcing a Justice Department investigation into the Chicago Police Department’s use of force in recent shootings of young black men. It is interesting to hear the CNN pundits prattle on aimlessly and pointlessly that somehow baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, George W Bush, global warming and Chevrolet are at fault! Yes, it is certainly a tragedy! However, I wonder when it will dawn on them and black Americans that this not taking place in “right-wing, earth-destroying, granny-pushing-off-the-cliff, bible-and-gun-clinging-to conservative America , but rather in a longstanding democratic stronghold; a veritable Alinski-inspired Utopian paradise with very strict gun laws … and one that is brilliantly led by an enlightened Obama administration former member, Rahm Emanuel! Keep on drinking that progressive-liberal cool aid!

On a second note:

Under the Obama administration, ISIS (or ISIL or Daesh or man-caused disasters or overseas contingencies or disgruntled workers or whatever the hell he wants to call radical Islamic terrorism) is growing more and more powerful. Meanwhile back in the good old U.S.A., the U.S. Air Force is running out of bombs! Maybe when the Air Force runs out of bombs, they can start dropping Obama’s bullshit on ISIS and bury them in that. I means, it seems to be working on many Americans!

Pearl Harbor battleships after WWII: part I

A great post by GP Cox remembering Pearl Harbor Day

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Will You Defend America?

The one thing the majority of this year’s mass shootings, acts of terrorism and other violent attacks have in common is that they all happened in either gun free zones or places where the weapons used aren’t legal to begin with. A prime example is the city of Chicago. Literally thousands are murdered in Chicago every year and in Chicago it’s nearly impossible for law-abiding citizens to carry firearms. California already has bans on high capacity magazines and assault rifles. How well did that work out for them?

The cold hard truth is that law enforcement simply cannot prevent violence. They can only respond and try to figure out who did it and hopefully apprehend the criminal. The only thing that can prevent more murder in these violent attacks is good people with the ability to defend themselves against a criminal or terrorist shooter by using firearms of their own. Obama’s security experts want you to simply hide and hope the shooter overlooks you. This, however, does nothing to stop the shooter from killing other less fortunate victims. The harsh reality is that only an armed citizen already at the scene would have had any chance to shoot Syed Farook and Tashfeen Mailk and stop the slaughter. The problem is that the left simply cannot see reality through their ideology-colored glasses.

To the left, the idea of being responsible for your own safety (or for anything else for that matter) is very foreign. They get their collective panties in a wad over this idea and passionately wring their hands, uttering things like “do you want war in the streets?” What they fail to comprehend is that there already is war in the streets. ISIS, domestic terrorists inspired by ISIS, gang-bangers, drug cartel killers, and other evil people are already in the streets and they are killing defenseless people. The cold hard fact is that yesterday multiple terrorists walked into a “soft target” facility and opened fire on anyone in view. Arguing that both sides shouldn’t be able to shoot because it would be war is sheer lunacy. The left is essentially giving its blessing to the open slaughter of helpless innocent people.

If the left succeeds in disarming all law-abiding citizens we will not see a decrease in these shootings! What we will see is an increase because then the criminals and terrorists will literally have no fear. There is a reason why FBI statistics show there is lower violent crime rates in areas with concealed carry laws and why the crime is rampant in areas with stricter gun laws like those in Chicago, California or Washington, DC. The criminals are the only ones with guns. Obama is even actively working to disarm law enforcement agencies which is unbelievable in light of recent global terrorist events.

Obama wants to force us to put our trust in him and his left-wing administration to protect us as sheeple. However, Obama can’t even utter the term Islamic terrorist without wetting himself and he has repeatedly shown himself to be totally incapable of understanding and reacting effectively to violence anywhere you look in the world; Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Mali, Ukraine, Paris, Ft. Hood, St. Louis, New York, Chattanooga, or San Bernardino! Hillary essentially wants to do the same thing. Despite her complete “ignorance” of any national security issues as Secretary of State and the secret email server scandal she created because she “did not think it through”, we are supposed to put our safety in her hands.   Clinton’s failure in protecting her own people in Libya and her later involvement in the cover up to try and make the Benghazi disaster simply go away make that idea an uninspiring proposition to say the least.

The cool aid drinkers and low information voters will ignore all this and vote for Hillary because … well, she is a woman and it is simply her turn. Please do not be one of those who vote simply based on a favorite bumper sticker slogan! Use the thinking brain God gave to you and vote based on facts, real convictions, and a logical assessment of where we as a nation are in real danger of going. Thank you!

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