What UMBRAGE! You know you mustn’t tell lies!

It seems there is a program called UMBRAGE. This program consists of the CIA mimicking Russian hackers, meaning … the CIA has the ability to hack anybody they want and make it look like the Russians are doing it.


Progressive Thinking: The victims of “Until”

Progressive Thinking: Victims of “Until” The “Theory” of Progressivism is clearly attractive. Many people can be and are led into progressive activism due to the siren-call of its sound bytes.  However…. Eventually time and reality catches up with them. Pick a couple of their most heart-felt and enduring stances – gun control, and social accountability…

Boots on the Ground? – Wrong Question

It feels like we are finally awakening from a long nightmare where national security policy was being set by sugar-infused 5th graders who got their foreign policy training by watching back-to-back episodes of Barney. Can we please take a shot at understanding the threats we will likely face over the next twenty years? Can we then…

America Blown to Bits and Pieces by Our Feckless Leader

What are root causes of these shootings … young people desensitized to extreme violence by graphically violent Hollywood movies and video games, the declining moral fiber of our nation, ignored mental illness, and ILLEGALLY acquired weapons. I seem to remember the Columbine killers even had pipe bombs which were already banned (illegal)!