Monday Morning Hillary Rant, Etc.

I am ecstatic! Barack Obama handily squashed Hillary Clinton in South Carolina pulling 55% of the voters to her 27%; at least according to the Monday, January 28th edition of ARAB NEWS . And who says Islamic states have no interest in our politics?

Senator Hillary Clinton

It is not that I am at all for Barack Obama, no sir …. but I am very much against Hillary Clinton. Both Clintons, Hillary and Bill, are vicious, calculating, ambitious, power hungry politicians who will do and say anything to get elected …. and I mean anything!!

We all have seen the faked crying. We have seen Hillary Clinton playing the gender card. We watched in disgust as she started a race war with Barack Obama a few weeks back … which by the way, always seemed a bit odd to me since her husband, William Jefferson Clinton, was the “First Black President!”

Hillary Clinton, and her husband, are not only corrupt, they have been the cause of much corruption in others. Never in American history have so many people come to excuse so much mendacity and malfeasance as during the Clinton years.

Here are some of the facts about Hillary Clinton that have been buried:

  • FIRST FIRST LADY to come under criminal investigation.
  • FIRST FIRST LADY to almost be indicted according to one of the special prosecutors.
  • NUMBER OF HILLARY CLINTON FUND RAISERS convicted of, or pleading no contest to, crimes: 5
  • NUMBER OF TIMES that Hillary Clinton, while providing testimony to Congress, said that she didn’t remember, didn’t know, etc: 250
  • NUMBER OF CLOSE BUSINESS partners of Hillary Clinton who ended up in prison: 3. The Clintons’ two partners in Whitewater were convicted of 24 counts of fraud and conspiracy. Hillary Clinton’s partner and mentor at the Rose law firm, Webster Hubbell, pleaded guilty to federal mail fraud and tax evasion charges, including defrauding former clients and former partners out of more than $480,000. Hillary Clinton was mentioned 35 times in the indictment.
  • IN THE 1980s, Hillary Clinton made a $44,000 profit on a $2,000 investment in a cellular phone franchise deal took advantage of the FCC’s preference for locals, minorities and women. The franchise was almost immediately flipped to the cellular giant, McCaw.
  • HILLARY CLINTON AND HER HUSBAND set up a resort land scam known as Whitewater in which the unwitting victims bought third rate property 50 miles from the nearest grocery store and then, thanks to the sleazy financing, about half the purchasers, many of them seniors, lost their property.
  • IN 1993 HILLARY CLINTON and David Watkins moved to oust the White House travel office in favor of World Wide Travel, Clinton’s source of $1 million in fly-now-pay-later campaign trips that essentially financed the last stages of the campaign without the bother of reporting a de facto contribution. The White House fired seven long-term employees for alleged mismanagement and kickbacks. The director, Billy Dale, charged with embezzlement, was acquitted in less than two hours by the jury.
  • HRC’S 1994 HEALTH CARE PLAN, according to one account, included fines of up to $5,000 for refusing to join the government-mandated health plan, $5,000 for failing to pay premiums on time, 15 years to doctors who received “anything of value” in exchange for helping patients short-circuit the bureaucracy, $10,000 a day for faulty physician paperwork, $50,000 for unauthorized patient treatment, and $100,000 a day for drug companies that messed up federal filings.
  • TWO MONTHS after commencing the Whitewater scheme, Hillary Clinton invested $1,000 in cattle futures. Within a few days she had a $5,000 profit. Before bailing out she earns nearly $100,000 on her investment. Many years later, several economists will calculate that the chances of earning such returns legally were one in 250 million.
  • IN 1996, Hillary Clinton’s Rose law firm billing records, sought for two years by congressional investigators and the special prosecutor were found in the back room of the personal residence at the White House. Clinton said she had no idea how they got there.
  • DRUG DEALER Jorge Cabrera gave enough to the Democrats to have his picture taken with both Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. . . Cabrera was arrested in January 1996 inside a cigar warehouse near here in Dade County, where more than 500 pounds of cocaine had been hidden. He and several accomplices were charged with having smuggled 3,000 pounds of cocaine into the United States through the Keys
  • In 2000, Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign returned $22,000 in soft money to a businesswoman linked to a Democratic campaign contribution from a drug smuggler in Havana.
  • IN AUGUST 2000, Hillary Clinton held a huge Hollywood fundraiser for her Senate campaign. It was very successful. The only problem was that, by a long shot, she didn’t report all the money contributed: $800K by the US government’s ultimate count in a settlement and $2 million according to the key contributor and convicted con Peter Paul. This is, in election law, the moral equivalent of not reporting a similar amount on your income tax. It is a form of fraud. Hillary Clinton’s defense is that she didn’t know about it.
  • HILLARY CLINTON’S participation in a Whitewater related land deal became suspicious enough to trigger an investigation by the Arkansas Supreme Court.
  • IN 2007, A Pakistani immigrant who hosted fund raisers for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton became a target of the FBI allegations that he funneled illegal contributions to Clinton’s political action committee and to Sen. Barbara Boxer’s 2004 re-election campaign. Authorities say Northridge, Calif., businessman Abdul Rehman Jinnah, 56, fled the country shortly after being indicted on charges of engineering more than $50,000 in illegal donations to the Democratic committees.

Then there is always the “Arkansas Sudden Death Syndrome”, which generally surrounds her husbands misdoings, but still should give one pause to think!

  1. Vincent Foster: Suicide? Scores of anomalies remain despite two investigations. White House engaged in major obstruction of investigation including refusing to allow police officers to search office. Some experts consider Foster’s suicide note to be a forgery.
  2. Kathy Ferguson: Suicide? Gunshot to head. Death came five days after her ex-husband, Danny Ferguson, was named a co-defendant in the Paula Jones law suit. Left suicide note but body was found in her living room next to her packed bags as though she was planning to take a trip. Bullet hole behind the left ear, execution style, although she was right handed and found with the gun in her right hand. 5/11/93
  3. Bill Shelton: Suicide? Arkansas state trooper. Kathy Ferguson’s fiancée. Gunshot to behind ear at Ferguson’s grave site. Left note saying “I can’t stand it any more.” Local police chief says, “It puts big questions in your mind. Why?” 6/12/93
  4. Ron Brown: Plane crash? Despite serious questions raised by examining pathologist, no autopsy. Other anomalies at site of crash. Was on the verge of being indicted. 4/3/96
  5. Barbara Wise: Unknown? Commerce Department (International Trade Administration) secretary and associate of John Huang found bruised and partially nude in a locked office at Commerce. Cause of death unknown. 11/29/96
  6. Jerry Luther Parks: Murder! Clinton security aide in Arkansas, known to have been keeping dossier on Clinton, gunned down in his car outside of Little Rock. Parks was shot through the rear window of his car and shot three more times, thru the side window, with a 9mm pistol. Parks ran American Contract Services, the business which supplied bodyguards for Clinton during his presidential campaign and the following transition. Bill Clinton still owed him $81,000. Parks had collected detailed data on Clinton’s sexual escapades, including pictures and dates. Wife claims federal agents subsequently removed files and computer. She also says that upon learning of Vincent Foster’s death, he told her, “I’m a dead man.” Two months later he was. Wife also says he made large transfers of cash to Vince Foster. In 2005, however, a woman claiming to be Parks’ daughter will post on the Internet the claim that the murder was done at the behest of a member of the family. 9/26/93
  7. Ron Miller: Unknown? Was under investigation for financial irregularities, Miller had turned over evidence of campaign finance wrongdoing to congressional investigators. Miller, suddenly took ill and died 9 days later. The death was strange enough that doctors referred it to the Oklahoma medical examiner which has refused to release the results of its tests. 10/12/97
  8. William Colby: Drowning? Colby’s death, allegedly while canoeing, raises a number of questions. For example, the retired CIA head had left his home unlocked, his computer on, and a partly eaten dinner on the table. Colby had recently become an editor of Strategic Investment which was doing investigative reporting on the Vince Foster death. 4/96
  9. Dr. Ronald Rogers: Plane Crash? Plane crashed while this Arkansas dentist was on his way to an interview with a London Telegraph reporter covering the Clinton scandals. Plane went down far off its planned route after generator overheated.
  10. Paula Grober: One Car Crash? Clinton’s speech interpreter for the deaf was killed in a high-speed, no witness, one-car crash. Had traveled extensively with Clinton since 1978 12/9/92
  11. Paul Wilcher: Unknown? Washington attorney found dead on a toilet in apartment. Said to be investigating various scandals including the October Surprise, the 1980 election campaign, drug and gun-running through Mena and the Waco assault. Was planning a TV documentary on his findings. Delivered extensive affidavit to Janet Reno three weeks before his death. 6/22/93

These are only a few of the estimated 61 associates of Bill and Hillary Clinton who died of unnatural causes or suddenly under mysterious circumstances. The possibility of foul play must be taken seriously in a major criminal conspiracy in which over two hundred individuals and firms have already been convicted and over 100 witnesses have pled the Fifth Amendment or fled the country.

Hillary Clinton and John Huang

Hillary Clinton and John Huang

All in all, there is enough scandal around Bill and Hillary Clinton to fill most clear thinking Americans with disgust … and we haven’t even mentioned Bill’s philandering in the White House … Paula Jones, Monica Lewinski, etc.

Hillary Clinton … after all this … has the gall to point an accusing finger at President George Bush! I know George Bush has his faults, but come on folks … be real. Anybody who can say … with a straight face … that they support Hillary Clinton for President should be admitted to a mental hospital for the hopelessly insane … either that … or they are so crooked themselves … that this seems like normal, all-American behavior

Oh well … I have a gut feeling that history (say 20 to 50 years down the road) is going to be a hell of a lot kinder to George Bush than to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Just my ranting thoughts for the day!


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